June 28, 2011
"A lot of this is dependent on your point of view. A good test is: ‘If the somebody did the same thing to US, would it be an act of war?’ TR I f [sic] you were pulling into parking lot in Chrystal City and the adjacent vehicle just blew up because a foreign power thought one of their enemies was in it, would that be OK? If Chinese start zapping Tibetan Nationalists in the US with a space based laser, would it be OK?"

comment by BEARCAT on The Best Defense (blog on Foreign Policy), Thomas E. Ricks: Annals of Obama & national security (II): What are the politico-diplomatic consequences of the drone warfare era? [June 28, 2011]

Blogger stated his view that drone strikes, due to their precise targeting, are more akin to police actions than acts of war (the article’s title on my .rss feed was “Remember when airstrikes used to be an act of war?”). Commenter points out that this logic is shaky because it would be an absurd justification, were the roles slightly shuffled. This came up with regard to a recent airstrike conducted against al-Qaeda members in Somalia, probably by the United States.

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